The Importance Of People’s Gut Feelings With Your Digital Branding And Other Designs That Don’t Use Descriptive Words

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"How digital branding can help you avoid branding pitfalls by considering people’s gut feelings when designing your brand. "

The importance of people’s gut feelings with your digital branding and other designs that don’t use descriptive words.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about an organization, service, or product; according to Marty Neumeier.

This leads us to use ‘gut feeling’ in the ‘branding’ world to create ‘perceptions’ and ‘emotional feelings’ with the audience and using it strategically for taking business decisions.  

In simple terms, if a brand is people’s gut feeling then branding is the act of influencing their gut feeling.

Once you finish creating your first product for your business as a brand, building a brand identity becomes the number one priority.

For instance, think of McDonald’s Golden arches. Even a single image or symbol is enough for meaningful associations.

The brand is built upon brand identity, be it descriptive in design or other designs that don’t use descriptive words.

A brand (with the brand identity) without its digital presence is like a car without tires.  

Here comes the role of the digital marketing agency to influence people’s perception about a person, product or service, and/or organization based on their gut feeling through various experiences.

Digital branding can’t help your business to stay ahead of your competitor based on overwhelming statistics and facts alone. Rather we should trust people’s gut feeling for building a new brand when

1. Naming your brand

2. Choosing a logo

3. Approving a website design

4. Selecting a font

5. Creating a marketing strategy  

Dig deeper yourself into the case study of Netflix. Netflix trusts their gut when making decisions according to the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings. They do spend money on data collection but at the end of the day, they rely on gut feelings as a final call.

Here are some of the reasons how digital branding can help you avoid branding pitfalls by considering people’s gut feelings when designing your brand.

1. Target the Right Audience  

Various digital channels such as online ads, search engine marketing, social media, etc. can tell your brand story with consistency throughout all digital medium platforms. It helps target the large pool of your consumers/customers present online in digital branding.

“A brand is just a perception.” - Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

We can create the perception of the right audience by telling the brand story through each touchpoint.

Your brand message should be clear and consistent. This is where the effectiveness of your business lies in making your brand credible and helps how it’s perceived.

2. Connect with Customers

Now that your brand has a credible story to tell targeting the right audience that they relate to, it times to build relationships with them through different digital platforms designed for the increased level of connectivity in digital branding.  

This helps retaining current customers loyal to your brand.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” - Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

Brand loyalty helps improve sales techniques with the right tools and technology in digital branding.

Social media is the best platform to share your brand message across with customer feedback in return and you can interact with your audience. Here comes the major role of ORM (Online Reputation Management) with a solid digital branding that sets you apart from your competitor.

3. Spread the Message Fast

The potential to ‘go viral’ to reach a larger audience with a shorter period of time at no cost will always be one the greatest benefit in digital branding to spread the message.  

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” - Scott Cook, Co-Founder of Intuit

Going viral involves luck but it can be planned as a result of your marketing effort.  

One thing to consider for your brand is your messaging should vary with platform.

For instance, Twitter is about responding to current events in real-time. Make sure your brand Twitter page follows the same.

Also, the uninformed customer is an unhappy customer.

Inform the customer every time you create something new making use of the multichannel in digital branding and educate them why do they need it. This helps in brand position.  

How can Seijaku help you with Digital Branding for your business?

If you want to build your precise brand with an eminent internet presence, you need a digital branding agency to differentiate you from other brands.  

Digital branding is a lot of work from the digital presence, building awareness, being consistent, gaining loyalty, managing reputation online, rebranding, etc.  

At DigitalInnov, our approach lies in the importance of people’s gut feeling for your digital branding. We connect emotionally with your customers by communicating your story through great design.

We make digital branding simple with SEIJAKU.

Seijaku is an ancient Japanese aesthetic that delivers tranquility amid an activity.

Seijaku is the principle that relates to stillness and silence. When all sense of disturbance and noise is absent, tranquility prevails.  

Japanese values silence as a fundamental form of non-verbal communication.  

With Seijaku technique in digital branding, the first and foremost step is to have a clear picture of a brand of what it is and what it is not. Seijaku helps to understand the brand’s own personality and role in the world.  

The second step is to create a brand strategy based on user profiles and their gut feelings. Seijaku conveys information and emotions. It’s a sign of respect and personal distance.  

Then the stage of mapping out their journey comes from awareness to conversion. Japanese often revert to Seijaku to give way to contemplation and peaceful reflection. The practice communicates wisdom and self-control.

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