How Important Is Change No Matter How Small It Is Your Pursuit Of A Better Life?
August 21, 2020

How Important is change no matter how small it is your pursuit of a better life?

Change is the only constant in life.


It happens whether you are ready or not.


In this fast-paced global environment, change is important too for true innovation, acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and/or fostering creativity to stay competitive.


Change is inevitable.


It is not inherently good or bad.


What makes us better how we turn a challenging situation into our advantage!


Change forces us to build new habits by changing bad ones.


Habits don’t change overnight.


There is another way to change habits i.e. gradually.


The method for gradual change is a Japanese concept called KAIZEN.

What is KAIZEN?


Kaizen is derived from two Japanese terms - Kai and Zen. “Kai” means “change” and “Zen” means “good”.  Sometimes “Kai” is translated as “continuous” and “Zen” as “improvement”.


Kaizen emerged out of a Japanese management policy to eradicate waste (muda) in all stages of the manufacturing process and eliminate inefficiency.


Kaizen is a great way for quality control and enhances the process safety.


Kaizen reduces the physical demand for workers by re-engineering the manufacturing process.


The Fundamental Principles of Kaizen

The foundation of the Kaizen method consists of 5 fundamental principles.


  • Teamwork

Every member of the team is a significant asset.

It’s the teamwork that makes the whole system efficient and effective.

Teamwork leads to great outcomes.

  • Personal Discipline

Kaizen is about achieving your long term goals with short term successes.

Unlike other self-improvement strategies, Kaizen doesn’t focus on making radical changes but it encourages making small changes consistently over time.

Kaizen is about getting results not reasons to make excuses for people to justify why they always do certain things inefficiently.

Every aspect of life deserves to be constantly improved. That’s the Kaizen life philosophy.

Ultimately, Kaizen leads you to improve your productivity leaving you happy, content, and disciplined.

  • Improved Morale

The mistake people make to achieve a goal is trying to do too much all at once, become overwhelmed, and consequently discouraged.

They forget the fact they will never be able to change their lives until they change something they do daily.


Japanese companies distinguish well between radical change and continuous improvement. It results in improved morale of their employees.

The first step is always the hardest to become the best version of yourself.

Kaizen every day improves morale by making sure that self-improvement is a process and efficient process yields great results.

Go slow and steady but keep going.

  • Quality Circles

It is one of the well-known Japanese process improvement methods.

People accept gradual changes easily over total overhauls.

Kaizen uses the same approach as a means of on-going improvement in personal and professional life.  

It requires the willingness to change both workers and managers to improve the quality circles.

  • Suggestions for Improvement

The key element of Kaizen is the involvement of all employees for doing things in the Kaizen way.

People must be open to change.

They should be also ready for suggestions and ideas from management, customers, suppliers, and co-workers to make the system productive.

The employees of Japanese companies like Canon and Toyota typically take 60 to 70 suggestions per year to improve.

How our company can help you become great with KAIZEN approach?


Digitalinnov is your digital transformation partner in the new norm.

“We have a strong belief that big results come from small changes accumulated over time.” - Kaizen philosophy  

We convert each problem into opportunities as a basic core value of our company philosophy through Kaizen principles.


From digital strategy to its execution and analysis, we work together as a TEAM.


Our team comprises of SEO Experts, Social Media Experts, Skilled Content Writers, Talented Graphic Designers, Digital Marketing Strategists, and Expert Web and App Designers.

Our team members believe in the Kaizen technique for PERSONAL DISCIPLINE & growth to serve the sectors they are passionate about and are obsessed with delivering desired results to their clients.


We have a broad range of tools and services to cater to different disciplines with specific techniques mixed with our digital knowledge to perfectly address your business goals with IMPROVED MORALE.

Our services include SEO Ready Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Application Development, Penetration Testing, Digital Branding, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Optimization, and UX/UI/IA.

Our employees are busy consistently boosting the QUALITY with IMPROVEMENT activities & SUGGESTIONS.


The main goal of businesses is to serve clients with better results and strive to push forward.

And we are here to be your partner in DOMINATING THE MARKET.

Say ‘No’ to the Status Quo.

We believe the success of your business in the new normal is how fast and how well you adapt to CHANGE.


It is the need of the hour otherwise our competition will take over.


Digital Marketing is quite dynamic in nature. It is continually evolving. To stay ahead of your competitor, you need to be ‘continually improving’ and live the Kaizen way.

Why we are the perfect partner for you? Click about Digitalinnov.

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