Digitalinnov at Blockchain Fest Singapore 2022
June 14, 2022

Digitalinnov at Blockchain Fest Singapore 2022

On June 2, 2022, Digitalinnov, a top digital marketing company in the Philippines, went to Singapore for Blockchain Fest 2022 to exhibit and network at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Digitalinnov on Blockchain fest is a great experience and opportunity for the company to grow. There were only a few exhibitors; most of them were crypto exchanges. The Game made by Revolve Games and the services offered by SDLC corp was the most interesting for Digitalinnov.

1st day of Digitalinnov on Blockchain Fest

Digitalinnov's CEO (Milo Sandig) enjoyed the networking event in the VIP Lounge. Most of the attendees are Venture capitalists, and only a few tech companies are present because most exhibitors are crypto exchanges. Everyone who received our business cards was amazed due to the uniqueness of the material used. Many gave interest in Digitalinnov since we were one of the rare companies from the Philippines on the blockchain fest. Digitalinnov met some of the venture capitalists interested in our services and potential. This was a great opportunity because most of Digitalinnov's project needs resources to be successful and profitable.

an image of Milo Sandig inside Blockchain Fest Singapore VIP room with venture capitalists
Milo sandig inside the VIP room with venture Capitalists
an image Milo Sandig inside the VIP room with a venture Capitalist, Mr. Marcus Lee
Milo Sandig inside the VIP room with a venture Capitalist, Mr. Marcus Lee
an image of Digitalinnov team at Blockchain Fest
Digitalinnov Team

2nd day of Digitalinnov on Blockchain Fest

There was this talk about "women on blockchain" where they talked about fewer women on the blockchain. One of the cool things they shared is that they are the leaders of their own company. One speaker said that "crypto is still young," and there is more room to grow. Many countries still haven't explored blockchain and the potential of the technology. In summary, most of the talks at the event encourage the public to harness the power of blockchain. 

After listening to all of the talks, Digitalinnov went to the lobby and met Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang, CEO of Agiletech. We exchanged business cards and talked about the services of both companies. As a result of the conversation, we realized that we could contact each other in case of a shortage in human resources. Agiletech focuses on development in Vietnam, while Digitalinnov focuses on Digital Marketing in the Philippines. Combining these services will result in decisive results.

an image of James Russel Ceballos , CTO of Digitalinnov Exchanging Business card with Mr Nguyen Manh Thang
Exchanging Business card with Mr Nguyen Manh Thang

After all of the talks on the blockchain fest, Digitalinnov went on the networking after-party at Thai Khun. Many participants of the blockchain fest were there and took the opportunity to expand connections through socializing.

Networking after-party on Thai Khun


Blockchain is being recognized by companies now. Many developers and companies are now investing in blockchain and crypto knowledge. Also, most of the new emerging games are now shouting about P2E (play to earn) as their flagship feature. The future of the blockchain will be tremendous, and it will change the world in many ways.

Let us all adapt and continue to innovate; whenever you are afraid to leap, we are here to help. We are Digitalinnov, your partner for digital transformation in the new norm.

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